The Bar T 5 – Jackson Hole’s Original Chuck Wagon Dinner

The wagons are lined up ready to take our guests up Cache Creek Canyon to a hearty chuck wagon dinner.

Come Enjoy Jackson Hole’s Original Chuck Wagon Dinner

Make Memories That Will Last a Lifetime.

A chuck wagon dinner means more than just a bite to eat.

Arriving at the Bar T 5, you begin your western adventure as you are shown the true meaning of western hospitality.

The Ride

The wagons at the Bar T 5 Covered Wagon Cookout take you up to the location of the chuck wagon dinner.

Traveling by horse drawn covered wagons you are swept away from the Town of Jackson into beautiful Cache Creek Canyon. With your own wrangler to guide you, they will drive your team of horses up the trail.
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The Food

A photo of the hearty chuck wagon dinner.

As you pull into camp you can smell the sweet aroma of a Dutch oven dinner, to welcome your arrival. Enjoy this savory home-cooked meal as you go through the chow line. Then you can return all you want until we reach the bottom of the pots.
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The Show

The Bar T 5 Band takes the stage to entertain you with laughter and great hand-clapping music. Have your camera ready because one of your group may even end up on stage before the end of the night.
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The Covered Wagon Ride

The ticket office at the Bar T 5 Covered Wagon Cookout & Show. Come get a great chuck wagon dinner.

When you pull in to park, don’t expect to see or smell your chuck wagon dinner cooking in Dutch ovens. This is just the start. Dinner is two miles up Cache Creek Canyon. But you won’t need your car anymore for the trip. That’s where the covered wagons come in. Visit our friendly office staff to get checked in and then you can browse our little trading post. Your introduction to the evening begins as your are surrounded by historic cabins from Uncle Nick Wilson’s Life. Then it’s time to climb into the horse-drawn wagons. The western adventure begins!

The wagons driving up Cache Creek Canyon. A good chuck wagon dinner awaits.

With the horses hooked and everyone in and settled, the call of “Roll The Wagons” starts the journey. Your cowboy or cowgirl driver (we call them wranglers) will be your guide as you head up the trail. Ask questions about the horses, learn interesting facts about the area, or maybe even get a song out of them (just remember, that sometimes the horse sings better than the cowboy).


The wagons driving up Cache Creek Canyon. A good chuck wagon dinner awaits.


Our mountain man, Buckskin, warns the wagons of danger up ahead. The wagons forge ahead to the chuck wagon dinner.

You may even encounter our mountain man, Buckskin. He still lives up the canyon. Don’t worry, he’s friendly and may even warn of troubles ahead. But dinner is up the trail, so the wagon train moves on.

The outlaws try to stop the wagons from getting to the chuck wagon dinner up Cache Creek Canyon.

The trip to camp ends with delicious smells wafting down to you as the wranglers circle the wagons. The cooks are putting the finishing touches on your hearty Dutch oven dinner while your host welcomes you into camp. Hope you came hungry.

With the wagons circled, the guests climb off and head up to the chuck wagon dinner awaiting them.

The Chuck Wagon Dinner

The Menu

      • Salad with Ranch Dressing
      • Bar T 5 Baked Beans
      • Barbeque Pork Medallions or Chicken (These are on a rotating menu dependent upon availability of supplies)
      • Roast Beef in Homemade Gravy
      • Corn
      • “Cowboy Cookie”
      • Lemonade, Water, Coffee and Hot Chocolate
The dutch ovens used to cook the chuck wagon dinner.

With the sound of the dinner bell echoing through the trees, you start through the chow line. Everything is served up cowboy style, straight from the Dutch oven it was cooked in. Smiling cowboys and cowgirls heap generous helpings of good home-cooked, western food onto your plate. In fact, when you reach the end you will be wondering how you are going to eat it all. If your plate does end up empty, head through the line again.

Salad is the first thing in the dinner line.

In a healthy fashion, the salad is first. You may have your choice of any dressing, as long as it’s Ranch dressing. Our very own Bar T 5 baked beans, made with our secret recipe, comes next in line. You may ask, “How good can they be?” Well, ask the gentlemen who came back for seconds, 5 times!

Salad is the first thing in the dinner line.


Make room for the pork medallions or chicken (These are on a rotating menu dependent upon availability of supplies) and roast beef. You don’t have to choose between the two. Rest assured, you can enjoy both of these mouthwatering menu items. The pork or chicken is slow-cooked in the Dutch ovens and smothered in BBQ sauce. And the roast beef is tender and covered with our homemade gravy.

Our Guests going through the chow line at camp at the Bar T 5 Covered Wagon Cookout & Show.

Reaching the corn, you look at your plate and wonder where do I put this? Trust us, we will help you find a place. A roll and a “cowboy cookie” squeeze onto your plate as well. Last, you have your choice of lemonade, water, coffee and hot chocolate. You can always get a refill or change your choice of drink.

Now, head to your table and dig in. If one plate doesn’t quite satisfy, come see us in the serving line again. Grab a second, or maybe, a third plate. No one’s counting. We just keep going until we see the bottom of the pots and you’d be hard-pressed to find those bottoms.

The Crew at the Bar T 5 eagerly waiting to serve the chuck wagon dinner to our guests.

The Western Show

Buckskin, the mountain man, enters camp on his horse to meet the folks.

As dinner wraps up, our friendly mountain man, Buckskin, just can’t stay away. However, he does chase off the pesky outlaws looking to steal your dessert. Shaking hands and introducing himself, he stops in for a visit. Just don’t get downwind. He’s been in the mountains for a while (if you know what I mean).

The Bar T 5 band takes the stage to play some great western music.

To follow tradition of all wagon trains, the Bar T 5 Band begins to play. They will entertain you with harmony and great western music, just like it was shared around the camp fire in the old west. They will bring humor and enjoyment to the camp, just as the cowboys did on the trail all those years ago.

The Bar T 5 band takes the stage to play some great western music.
Some of our guests end up on stage in an interactive performance at the Bar T 5 chuck wagon dinner.

With music in the air, you never know what the night might bring. With our interactive adventure, along with the music, you might just end up on stage with the band to have some fun and laughs. “Yee-haw!” Either way, get your cameras ready.

The evening ends with another wagon ride down the canyon into the setting sun. With a belly full of good food and a western song running through your mind, you can enjoy the clip-clop of the horses’ hooves as they amble down the trail. As western memories settle into your mind, you can climb off the wagons and head back to your car dreaming of your cowboy adventure. From kids to grandparents, for all of you who have longed to be a cowboy, now you got to live it.

Thanks for being a part of our western tradition.

2023 Summer Chuck Wagon Dinner Season


Adults: $65
Children (Age 5-12): $50
Toddlers & Infants (Age 4 & Under): Free

Your tickets will be charged out in full to your credit card at the time your reservation is confirmed and your tickets will be ready upon your arrival.  Gratuity is not included in the ticket total.  This may be added to your payment as per our discussion when the reservation is completed or you may put gratuity on a credit card when you are at the BAR T-5. Cash is appreciated as well.

Large group transportation is available. Please call for rates and availability.

Dates & Check-in Times

Starting Mid-May through the end of September.
(Please call for current information or questions)

Open: Monday – Saturday, Closed Sundays


SUMMER Schedule (May 18 – August 24)

1st Show Time: 4:45 pm
2nd Show Time: 6:00 pm

FALL Schedule (August 25 – End of September)

1st Show Time: 4:15 pm
2nd Show Time: 5:30 pm

To make the best possible experience shows could be combined. You will be notified in advance of any adjustment to the check-in times.

Request a Reservation

The ticket office is open one hour prior to check-in times.

A late check in can be considered as a no show and be subject to the cancellation policy.

Seating is pre–assigned.  Please let us know if you need to be seated with another party when booking your reservation.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds for any group or individual cancelling a reservation within 48 hours.

If you cancel prior to 48 hours there is a 10% cancellation fee.

Bar T 5 Chuck Wagon Dinner Location

We are located at 812 Cache Creek Drive in Jackson, Wyoming.

Get Directions

A partial map of Jackson, Wyoming showing directions to the Bar T 5 Covered Wagon Cookout & Show.

Bar T 5 Chuck Wagon Dinner FAQs

How long is the whole experience?

Approximately 3 hours. This includes the wagon ride, all you can eat Dutch oven dinner and an interactive show.

What if the weather is bad?

We go rain or shine. The wagons and pavilion are covered but we recommend that you dress accordingly. Camp is heated when needed.

Is there alcohol served? Can I bring my own alcohol?

No, the Bar T-5 is a dry camp.

Are pets allowed?

No. Horses and other animals don’t always get along.

Is there parking available?

Yes, please give us prior notice if you are bringing an oversized vehicle, RV or trailer.

Where do we meet?

The Bar T-5 Corral is located just 1.5 miles southeast of downtown Jackson at 812 Cache Creek Drive.

Are there accommodations for handicap guests?

Of course, just give us prior notice.

Can you pick us up in downtown or at our hotel?

No, everyone meets at the Bar T-5 Corral, 1.5 miles southeast of downtown. However, many hotels offer shuttle services. There are several other taxi services available in the area.

Can I ride a horse?

We do not offer horseback rides here at the Bar T-5. We can recommend some wonderful places. Give us a call for more information. 

Can you accommodate dietary needs such as gluten free or vegetarian?

Of course, please give us prior notice so we can have the proper food prepared.

How should I dress?

Casual dress is appropriate, but feel free to get in the mood…boots and hats are welcome but not required. The temperature up the canyon is about 5-10 degrees cooler than in town. Dress weather appropriate. A light jacket may be a good idea even in the middle of the summer.

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Equal Opportunity Service Provider