Welcome to the Old West, where quick smiles, western hospitality and real life adventure awaits. Whether you’re looking for just a taste of the western ways or an immersive 4-day experience, Double H Bar, Inc. can provide the lifelong memories and fun-packed, incredible experiences right here in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We can’t wait to see you. Choose your adventure below and let the journey begin!

Bar T 5 Covered Wagon Cookout & Show

Jackson Hole’s Original Chuck Wagon Dinner Experience
If you want a taste of the Old West the Bar T 5 is for you! Traveling by horse-drawn covered wagon, this three hour evening dinner and show will take you away into beautiful Cache Creek Canyon. Enjoy a full evening of great entertainment, western hospitality, and a dinner that will tantalize your taste buds.

BAR T-5 Covered Wagon Cookout & Show

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National Elk Refuge
Sleigh Rides

The National Elk Refuge Sleigh Rides is a wildlife activity in the heart of Jackson Hole that you will never forget.

An Hour Of Wonder and Incredible Sights
Join us as you are taken on an amazing journey across the winter landscape of the National Elk Refuge, the wintering grounds of the Jackson Hole Elk Herd. Have your camera ready. Majestic animals and breathtaking scenery surround you. This unique experience has over 100 years of tradition and is one of a kind, making this one of the Nations finest treasures.

National Elk Refuge Sleigh Rides

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Teton Wagon Train
& Horse Adventure

Teton Wagon Train & Horse Adventure is a four day wagon train vacation that will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Immerse Yourself In Four Days of Western Tradition
This four day trip is a chance of a lifetime for those that don’t want to settle for a small taste of the West. For the rugged adventurer or the timid dreamer, Teton Wagon Train & Horse Adventure gives you the chance to be the cowboy as you travel through the beautiful landscape of the Tetons on horseback and by covered wagon.

Teton Wagon Train and Horse Adventure

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